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Have you heard about our exciting partnership with the Netball World Cup being hosted in Cape Town from 28 July 2023 to 6 August 2023? Through our partnership with the Netball World Cup, we aim to celebrate and elevate the sport of netball, which has captivated audiences worldwide with its athleticism, skill, and teamwork. As part of the partnership, Bloc Footwear will become the Official Fans Footwear Sponsor of the Netball World Cup, providing our cutting-edge performance footwear to supporters of the tournament.

Shoes should make you feel good, and embrace your personality


The material absorbs and releases moisture from the air to protect against rashes and bad foot odour.


Your feet never feel tired or heavy after walking in them all day. Bloc shoes allow you to be able to be light on your feet and reduce foot fatigue.


Includes perfect cushioning system created to maximize comfort and prevent strain.


Bloc Footwear is about freedom of expression and creativity which is captured by the customisation aspect of the product. We enable you to place the zip code of your bloc on the sneaker, as you Rep Your Bloc with pride.


Flexible enough to liberate your movement and allows for a full range of motion.

Slip Resistant

Contains non-marking polyurethane (PU) soles that will provide excellent traction to ensure you are safe on any surface.

Unmatched comfort and style

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